Victoria Signature Blend

Old San Franciscan Roaster The flavor you experience with any of our fresh roasted coffee varieties is achieved at the end of a multi-step process. First we search for the best organic beans, then we blend them right in the bakery, as we always have. Each blend is our special formula which we follow closely and carefully. Then, we slow roast those beans in our own custom built roaster which is placed in the front window of the bakery for customers to watch and enjoy the roasting process.

We take great pride in offering the roasting process and the roasting aroma to the Bay Area community. Sharing this wonderful old world experience with our customers is a true pleasure and privilege for us. We serve our signature coffee daily in our classic Italian bakery where our warm and friendly staff are ready to help you to a cup.

Victoria CoffeeWe also package our coffee to provide our patrons the chance to have the same great taste of Victoria Coffee at home.  Inside each package, you will find a Victoria signature blend made out of the finest coffees.

Our coffee is hand selected, hand roasted and packaged by us in small quantities. Packaging is done at the optimum time to lock in the flavor. Our roasting style of the secret blends developed over 40 years gives you an unforgettable taste in coffee.

So come on in and join us for a cup, and while you’re here take a bag home for you and your family to enjoy!