Fun and Fanciful Dessert Tables – the Centerpiece of Your Child’s Birthday Party

We all have wonderful memories of our birthday parties as children, with fun traditional elements like balloons, bubble wands, musical chairs and games like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” And perhaps the most cherished tradition of all is blowing out the candles on a special birthday cake.

Today, children’s birthday parties have become more elaborate than ever. And why not? Kids wait all year to celebrate their big day, and deserve to enjoy the best celebration ever.

One of the best ways to make your child’s party extra special is with a custom cake and dessert table at the center of it all. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your child and display his or her cake and treats in an impressive manner. It also creates a great backdrop for photo ops. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your child’s special dessert table.

Start With a Theme:

Does your child love Princesses? Ninja turtles? Hello Kitty? Superheroes? The movies Frozen or Minions? Decide upon a theme that fits your child’s individual personality and incorporate your table and desserts with the rest of the party to give it a cohesive look. Choose fun themed paper plates and a tablecloth to match. You can even create a banner and add table cards or figurines to the table to call more attention to the display. Use your imagination – the more character you bring to the table the better.

Make the Cake the Centerpiece:

Your cake should be the star of the show. It will typically be your biggest party investment, so make sure you get your money’s worth. Coordinate your cake with the theme and colors of the party and personalize it with an inscription featuring your child’s name. The cake should be big enough to ensure that all guests get a slice, and that includes the biggest kids of all – the parents. Consult with your bakery to order the right size for your number of guests.

Surround your Cake with Other Treats:

Add a variety of sweet treats to the tabletop create a fun and fantastical dessert smorgasbord. Candies like lollipops, jellybeans and sour candy kabobs in apothecary jars can add color and excitement to the design. Cupcakes, cookies and s’mores are child-friendly favorites too. And if you order all the elements from the same bakery, they’ll make sure everything matches your theme.

Include Healthy Options:

Other parents will greatly appreciate it if you include health options in addition to desserts. Consider small cups of fruit salad or chocolate covered strawberries. And find out if any of your guests require gluten-free or vegan choices. Your bakery should be able to design and customize these to compliment your theme so that they don’t stand out as being different from the other treats.

Victoria Bakery specializes in delicious, freshly baked custom cakes and other desserts that can be specially decorated to match the theme of your child’s birthday party or other special occasions. They can offer ideas and suggestions and help you plan a special birthday party your child will never forget. Give them a call or stop by the bakery for a free personal consultation anytime.